The Gladiator Shifters Box Set: Volume Two

by Murphy Lawless

Passion and laughter combine for heartwarming stories of adventure as the Gladiator Shifters and their fated mates challenge each other and face the world together in stories that guarantee a happily ever after! Enjoy the strong, sexy heroines, their romantic gladiator shifters prepared to fight for their true mates!


Their love could change the world...

Swan shifter Maggie Ross adores her life as a professional wrestler at the top of her game. But like every gladiator shifter, whose ancestors once fought, and bonded with, the beasts of the Roman Colusseum, Maggie is bound by magic to abide by the will of the ringmaster family who once ran the arenas, and now run the world's largest professional wrestling corporation.

Lone wolf shifter Conri Lyell has spent his life trying not to order other shifters around in the way his ringmaster heritage allows him to. But all of his efforts to play fair mean nothing as long as his family continues to abuse their power...and when his wolf recognizes a profound connection to Maggie, playing fairly becomes more important than ever.


Because historically, ringmasters don't have fated mates, and Maggie refuses to allow anyone or anything to push her into a relationship where she can literally be controlled by her partner. If Conri and Maggie are to build any kind of future together, they must first dismantle the entire system that keeps them apart in the first place.

Can determination overpower the ancient power of the ringmasters? Find out in GLADIATOR WOLF!


Their love can stand the test of time...

When archaeologist Elissa Grant is asked to curate a new exhibition on ancient Rome, she can’t say no—but the last thing she expects is to meet a man who looks like the model for the 2,000 year old statue that’s part of the, exactly like the model. But somehow, Elissa feels more than safe with Joash. His presence seems to awaken something inside her...and more than anything else, that something says home.

Tiger shifter Joash Namur is a legend among his kind. Believed to be ancient, known to be powerful, he lives quietly, finding joy in his friends’ happiness—until fate strikes again, offering a new chance for heartbreak...or happy endings. He will do whatever he can, however he must, to protect Elissa, even if it means finally letting the truth of his long story be known.

Joash has tried for eons to capture fleeting love. Now, with the laws that have ruled the gladiator shifters for centuries finally breaking down, and with his fated mate once more at his side, Joash must face the single challenger who has visited so much pain upon him...and all their kind.

Can Elissa and Joash finally break the cycle of love and loss? Find out in the final exciting installment of the Gladiator Shifters, GLADIATOR TIGER!


About the Author

CE Murphy writes paranormal romance under the name Murphy Lawless.

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