by C.E. Murphy

Disaster follows Rasim al Ilialio wherever he goes.

Ilyaran witches are prized by the slaving countries that surround Rasim’s peaceful desert home, but the city’s magical prowess has always kept them safe. The Northlands, however, are not so forgiving, and a shocking raid shatters what remains of the already- shaken Seamasters’ Guild.

Now Rasim is torn between pursuing the truth behind the continent-wide plot he’s discovered, or helping to rescue a handful of enslaved Ilyarans. But taking on the slaver city of Moran may, in the end, be the key to unlocking the conspiracy that has already cost the Ilyaran people, and the Seamasters’ Guild itself, so much.

And when things go wrong, his friends will pay the price if Rasim doesn’t set aside his reservations and embrace a new magic, becoming, against all the odds...

...a Skymaster.

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About the Author

I write mostly (but not exclusively!) science fiction & fantasy under the CE Murphy byline.

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