by Murphy Lawless

Book Cover: OctoBEARfest
Part of the Renaissance Shifters series:
  • OctoBEARfest

Welcome to Renaissance, Colorado, a new shifter city by the author of (and set in the same world as!) the best-selling Virtue Shifters books!

Grizzly shifter Bill Torben has spent his life working for his family's brewery and has loved every minute of it, although he's a liiiittle bit envious of his younger brother leaving town and almost immediately finding his fated mate. But the brewery has been on shaky ground for the past few years, and Bill's sense of responsibility won't let him step away to look for a new future of his own.

And it's just as well, because Gwen Booker is about to rock his world. Hired to be the musical talent at the brewery's annual Oktoberfest, Gwen bursts onto the scene with beauty, enthusiasm, talent...

...and the wrong kind of music. There was a mixup somewhere along the way, and they hired rock musician Gwen Booker instead of jazz musician Gwendolyn Brooker...

Bill has never been so grateful for a mistake in his life. Now if they can navigate a path through love, music, and homebrew beer, together they might just get OctoBEARfest back on its feet!

OctoBEARfest is a charming, steamy standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhangers. If you’re looking for funny, fast-paced paranormal shifter romance, preorder now and fall in love with the Renaissance Shifters!

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CE Murphy writes paranormal romance under the name Murphy Lawless.

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