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Works in Progress

Ongoing projects are either traditionally contracted for, or series that have not lain fallow for years. Upcoming projects are the things I hope to work on between the ongoing projects, and thus have tenative but hopeful release dates for. The project on hiatus are, as you might infer, on hiatus, and have no anticipated release dates.

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Ongoing Projects

The Dublin Driver Mysteries (cozy mysteries) — Book 6 of the Dublin Driver mysteries will be out in January 2025.

The Virtue Shifters (paranormal romances) — The Virtue Shifters are an ongoing project with erratic release dates.

Upcoming Projects

The Heartstrike Chronicles (urban fantasy) — I tentatively anticipate PROMETHEUS BOUND coming out in late 2024.

Austen Chronicles (Regency fantasy) — I tentatively anticipate SORCERY & SOCIETY coming out in 2025.

Projects On Hiatus

The Torn: (urban fantasy) — I do intend to write more books in The Torn, but I don’t know exactly when.

Redeemer Wars (historical urban fantasy) — Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll write more of these or not. I hope so.

Lovelorn Lads (Regency romance) — I do not, at this time, anticipate writing more Lads.

last updated May 2025