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CE Murphy writes mostly (mostly) SFF under that name, cozy mysteries as Catie Murphy, and paranormal romance as both Murphy Lawless & Zoe Chant.

Books by the various names are listed alphabetically by author, & by series under that author name.

Written by C.E. Murphy

Series: Stand-Alones

Practical Boots - C.E. Murphy
Practical Boots
Book Cover: Take A Chance
Take A Chance
Book Cover: Ill Met by Moonlight
Ill Met by Moonlight
Book Cover: What Measure Ye Mete
What Measure Ye Mete
Book Cover: Through the Fire
Through the Fire
Book Cover: Magic & Manners
Magic & Manners
Book Cover: Redeemer
Book Cover: Stone's Throe
Stone's Throe
Book Cover: Bewitching Benedict
Bewitching Benedict

Series: The Border Kingdom

The Border Wars pulled the normal world and the faerie kingdom, once as one, apart. These are retold fairy tales set in the Border Kingdom, a country that lies along the still-touching edges of the ordinary and the magical.

Book Cover: Roses in Amber
Roses in Amber
Book Cover: Wintergate

Series: The Guildmaster Saga

Book Cover: Seamaster
Book Cover: Stonemaster
Book Cover: Skymaster
Book Cover: Sunmaster
Book Cover: Witchmaster
Book Cover: The Guildmaster Saga: Volume One
The Guildmaster Saga: Volume One

Series: The Heartstrike Universe

Book Cover: Atlantis Fallen
Atlantis Fallen
Book Cover: Coming to America
Coming to America
Book Cover: From Coffin to Grave
From Coffin to Grave

Series: The Inheritors' Cycle

Book Cover: The Queen's Bastard
The Queen's Bastard
Book Cover: The Pretender's Crown
The Pretender's Crown

Series: The Old Races Universe

Book Cover: Heart of Stone
Heart of Stone
Book Cover: House of Cards
House of Cards
Book Cover: Hands of Flame
Hands of Flame
Book Cover: Baba Yaga's Daughter
Baba Yaga's Daughter
Book Cover: Year of Miracles
Year of Miracles
Book Cover: Kiss of Angels
Kiss of Angels

Series: The Rising

Book Cover: Them Shoes
Them Shoes
Book Cover: Keys
Book Cover: Siryn

Series: The Strongbox Chronicles

Book Cover: The Cardinal Rule
The Cardinal Rule
Book Cover: The Firebird Deception
The Firebird Deception
Book Cover: The Phoenix Law
The Phoenix Law

Series: The Walker Papers

Reluctant shaman Joanne Walker has a lifetime's worth of magic to corral in a few short months--or die trying. Which happens a lot, actually.

Note: The Walker Papers are currently being re-released with new covers and a new series numbering. Most of the stories currently linked here fit later in the series and as such, contain potential spoilers.

Book Cover: Urban Shaman
Urban Shaman
Book Cover: Banshee Cries
Banshee Cries
Book Cover: Thunderbird Falls
Thunderbird Falls
Book Cover: Coyote Dreams
Coyote Dreams
Book Cover: Rabbit Tricks
Rabbit Tricks
Book Cover: Cauldron Borne
Cauldron Borne
Book Cover: Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider
Book Cover: No Dominion
No Dominion
Book Cover: Easy Pickings
Easy Pickings
Book Cover: Urban Allies
Urban Allies
Book Cover: Joanne Vs Fudge
Joanne Vs Fudge
Book Cover: Slaying the Dragon
Slaying the Dragon
Book Cover: Twenty Years After
Twenty Years After

Series: The Worldwalker Duology

Book Cover: Truthseeker
Book Cover: Wayfinder

Written by Catie Murphy

Written by Murphy Lawless

Series: Alaska Totem Shifters

Book Cover: Raven Heart
Raven Heart
Book Cover: Polar Heart
Polar Heart

Series: Gladiator Shifters

For thousands of years, the Gladiator shifters have lived by the law of the arena, but now, whether they must travel to the edge of death—or even beyond—five shifters and their fated mates will defy history and change the world they've always known....

Book Cover: Gladiator Bear
Gladiator Bear
Book Cover: Gladiator Cheetah
Gladiator Cheetah
Book Cover: Gladiator Hawk
Gladiator Hawk
Book Cover: Gladiator Wolf
Gladiator Wolf
Book Cover: Gladiator Tiger
Gladiator Tiger
Book Cover: The Gladiator Shifters Box Set: Volume One
The Gladiator Shifters Box Set: Volume One
Book Cover: The Gladiator Shifters Box Set: Volume Two
The Gladiator Shifters Box Set: Volume Two

Series: Renaissance Shifters

Book Cover: OctoBEARfest

Written by Zoe Chant